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Dear NetRexx list members,

last week we have lost Kermit Kiser to a terminal illness (see also; this is a terrible loss, in the first place for his family and friends, but also to the NetRexx project. In one of his last emails he stressed the importance of moving the source code repositiory off of the site, which will be closing soon. We agreed on SourceForge as location and Git as the version management system.

Today I have found the time to convert the Subversion version history, including all commits and branches, to the git repository at our SourceForge project at . Please have a look.

When the “Browse Code” button is pressed, the repository including all its branches will be shown. You can start right away with cloning the repository read access; see if all is well for your environment. I will add the committers for read/write access; please let me know your SF ID.

I will add Les Koehler as an admin for the RexxLA side. Please volunteer for co-Admin duties if you can spare a little time.

Having a separate “contributions” repository has shown to be more work than it warranted, so I am going to integrate this within this one, to have a single place where people can find things. For this, I am only going to check in the current, working versions. This also has the advantage that for future versions, these tools can be kept in sync with the release branches.

Please do not use the repository for NetRexx work anymore, as I can not guarantee checkins from today on will make it to SourceForge. I will request a dump from the issue tracker and will see how much can be converted; any help is appreciated.

For the experience git user: I did not convert the svn-tags to git but left them as branches. Some of them had to be branches anyway, and also because there is no significant difference between the two in git.

On a personal note: conversion of Subversion source code repository lead to a number of emails indicating that Kermit has committed such-and-such in branch; the first startled me because it caused a faint glimmer of hope; the rest made me very sad when reality took over. We truly have lost a great person, who loved NetRexx and worked very hard on it. We owe it to his memory to keep on working on it and keep it alive.

If you want to start looking into NetRexx and its source code and don’t know git, the book at is really all you need. Please read it and start experimenting. Of course, all questions and issues can be discussed at this mailing list. And on the subject of mailing lists, please subscribe to the new list at SourceForge.

NetRexx 4.00 will be out this year. The version after that will have Java 9 support as its priority; for the ones after that your suggestions are welcome, as always.

best regards,


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