no write(String s) in BufferedWriter?

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no write(String s) in BufferedWriter?

I'm afraid I don't understand what's going on here.  The following
code snippet compiles, runs, and produces the single line file

  output = BufferedWriter(FileWriter(File('filetst.out')))
  line='Line of text'

Removing the dashes, however, produces the following error:

[N:\nrx\jnrw\7_fileio]nrc -run filetst
NetRexx portable processor, version 1.113
Copyright (c) IBM Corporation, 1997.  All rights reserved.
Program filetst.nrx
Compilation of 'filetst.nrx' successful
Running filetst ...
java.lang.NumberFormatException: Line 2
        at netrexx.lang.Rexx.toint(Compiled Code)
        at filetst.main(Compiled Code)


According to my JiaN, BufferedWriter doesn't have a 'write(String s)'
method, but its immediate superclass Writer, which is abstract, has a
  public void write(String str) throws IOException
instance method.  Since BufferedWriter doesn't override that method,
I assumed that I would be able to use it, but apparently not.  Laura
Lemay, in TYJava1.1in24Days seems to think I should, too.

What don't we understand, here?

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