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njPipes 029 released

Ed Tomlinson


I have just released version 0.29 of njPipes.  njPipes is an unoffical port of
the CMS(tm) Pipeline product to NetRexx and Java.  The current version is easy
to use from the command line or from NetRexx.  Since Netrexx produces java class
files, it can easily be used from java programs too.

- From the readme here is what is new in the last few releases:

    0.28 - Released May 9, 1998
         - Enhanced parsing in specs (word2.1 would work, word 2.1 would not)
         - Fixed COPY for a NT jit bug, fixed locate so NOT LOCATE would
           work, updated LITERAL not to use more than one exit(rc)
         - Fixed a compiler problem that would hit multistreamed pipes using
           append or prefix.
         - Any options not consumed by pipes.compiler are passed on to nrc
           and java.  Mainly for use from the command line, use with care
           in .njp files...
         - Fixed shortStreams() so it works correctly when shorting streams
           in a stage with multiple streams.
         - Tested all 8 addpipe forms and fixed runtime to work with all
           test cases
         - modified filternjp to accept *in and *out without additional labels
         - reenabled stop() in exit code...
         - added gate, dam, tokenize, juxtapose and courtesy of Chuck More,
           frlabel stages
    0.29 - Released May 17, 1998
         - added obj2rexx stage, tolabel stage courtesy of Chuck Moore.
         - enhanced change to support a single range
         - Added setJITCache(Hashtable) method to pipes.  This can be used
           to build a global object cache in programs calling pipes.  The name
           of the HashTable is passed to pipe/callpipe/addpipe via a cache
         - Added support for reportEof options.  This support is not too
           well tested - some good testcases are needed.

And planned for the next month or three (pending BUGS! and my time)

    0.xx - optimize pipe startup time for call/add pipe (eliminate Vectors)
    0.xx - rethink how StageError is used
    0.xx - add a dynamic stage and use it for prefix/append/zone/not etc.
    0.xx - extend the range concept to allow it to work for objects of
           more that class rexx
    0.xx - add filters to extract pipes from java code.
    0.xx - add an all compiler along the lines of specs

Be carefull with the eofReport options.  While it works in my testcases, it may cause
problems in yours.  

You can download njpipes from: http://www.cam.org/~tomlins/njpipes.html

Please send bug report, questions, stages you have written!, or any other
remarks to: [hidden email]

Ed Tomlinson ([hidden email])
Montreal, Canada

To obtain my public key mail me with a subject of: PGP Key
Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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