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Ed Tomlinson


I have just put njpipes 027 on my site.  This is a mainly a bug fix release.
The only new is that the pipe preprocessor now understands connectors and
generates the code for them.  Here is what has changed:

    0.26 - Released April 26, 1998
         - Added selection methods to compiler (see getRange in section 4 and
           the locate stage an example#
         - Added the specs stage.  The compiler builds a stage to process the
           specs, reducing overhead.
         - Added tcp/ip stages
         - Fixed problems with severs using addpipe
    0.27 - Released May 3, 1998
         - Automated the generation of in/outStream calls.  For this to work
           the labels need to be of the form *in0: or *out0: where the '0' is
           replaced by the input or output stream to connect to.
         - Fixed compiler/filter problems with stema
         - Tighted range checking code in specs, fixed problem with delimited
           ranges.  Specs was compiling the nextrexx EXIT command...
         - Fixed a problem where output was not see that objects were
           consumed when using sipping pipes...
         - Fixed a problem where severing an output stream did not cause the
           stages stacked on the node's outlist to see the sever
         - Fixed a problem where the stage issuing a callpipe was not seeing
           the called pipe end
         - Added debug option to pipes compiler
         - Repaired commit and added commit levels to dump() method
         - Fixed problems with callpipe servering several outputs, unstacking
           the saved stream was selecting it...
         - Modified tcpclient and tcpdata to use a secondary thread to
           recieve the tcpip inputs.
         - Now keep a referenced object for each pipe/stage so the JIT does
           not throw away its work and call/addpipes in loops work faster.
         - in/outStreamState now return -1 when autocommit is enabled and
           the stream is unused.

    and planned for the next month or three (pending BUGS! and my time)

    0.xx - optimize pipe startup time for call/add pipe (eliminate Vectors)
    0.xx - rethink how StageError is used
    0.xx - add a dynamic stage and use it for prefix/append/zone/not etc.
    0.xx - extend the range concept to allow it to work for objects of
           more that class rexx
    0.xx - add filters to extract pipes from java code.
    0.xx - add an all compiler along the lines of spec

Basicly, addpipe and callpipe will work much better in this release.  The
tcpclient and tcpdata stages also are improved and specs will no longer
kill you pipe when it exits.

You can get njpipes from: http://www.cam.org/~tomlins/njpipes.html

njPipes is an unoffical port of the CMS Pipelines program to netrexx
and java.

Ed Tomlinson ([hidden email])
Montreal, Canada

To obtain my public key mail me with a subject of: PGP Key
Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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