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njPipes 026 released

Ed Tomlinson


I have released version 026 of njPipes.  Big changes this release.  First and foremost
its now simple to use pipes in netrexx code.  The pipes compiler can handle files like

- -- testpipe.njp
- -- to compile use: pipe "testpipe.njp"
- -- to execute use: java testpipe some text

import pipes.
import stages.

class testpipe extends Object

method testpipe(avar=Rexx)

   F = Rexx 'abase'
   T = Rexx 1


   pipe (apipe stall 1000)
        stem F ! sort ! prefix literal {avar} ! console ! stem T

   loop i=1 to T[0]
      say 'T['i']='T[i]

method main(a=String[]) static


- ------------------------------------------

Also added this release is a fairly complete implementation of the specs
stage.  To keep things as fast as java lets, I have implemented a specs
compiler that builds a unique specs stages for each specs encountered in
a pipe.  This was easiest to do using minor classes, so netrexx 1.132 is

The compiler also reconizes ranges in state arguements and constructs objects
to make using the ranges very easy.  

I have also added the basic tcpip stages tcpclient, tcpdata and tcplisten.
These word but still need to be fleshed out to handle more that 'readline'
based data.

There have also be some other fixes and changes...

    0.25 - Optimized some stages using jinsight from www.alphaworks.ibm.com.
           This more that doubled the speed of some stages.
         - fixed bugs in fanin, diskw
         - Added netrexx filters to extract pipes, extended the functions
           of .njp files (multiple pipes in a file and .njp files can now
           contain netrexx code with pipe/callpipe/addpipe)
         - fixed a timing bug in deadlock detection.
         - xlate and sqlselect stages contributed by René Jansen added
    0.26 - Released April 26, 1998
         - Added selection methods to compiler, see the locate stage for an
         - Added the specs stage.  The compiler builds a stage to process the
           specs, reducing overhead.
         - Added tcp/ip stages
         - Fixed problems with severs using addpipe

Have fun and PLEASE do let me know what works and what does not.

You can download njpipes from: http://WWW.CAM.ORG/~tomlins/njpipes.html


Ed Tomlinson ([hidden email])
Montreal, Canada

To obtain my public key mail me with a subject of: PGP Key
Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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