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Andreas Zieritz-2
I've just sent a reminder to Mr. Swainson from IBM regarding Netrexx and
VAJ. Could be interesting for you.


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Yes, we have done a couple of things...firstly we
put a scripting framework into websphere app server that
allows you to use netrexx as a scripting language (amongst others)

Second, we are still looking at a way to include this as part of the next
of VAJ, scheduled for mid  2000.

John A. Swainson
General Manager, Application & Integration Middleware Division
IBM Corporation, P.O. Box 100, Route 100, Somers, NY 10589
Tel: 1.914.766.1680   Secretary Barbara DiAntonio x 1685
Please respond to Swainson@ibmus or Internet [hidden email]

Andreas Zieritz <[hidden email]> on 12/03/99 09:07:19 AM

Please respond to [hidden email]

To:   John Swainson/Somers/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:  Re: Visual Age Netrexx

[hidden email] wrote:
> Andreas, we are still working  on a new version of VA Java that will
> (optionally) use netrexx as a scripting language.  Announcement should
> be later this year.  Either the netrexx website or the VisualAge Java
site will
> have more details.

This is an excerpt of an e-mail you sent me in June.

Are there any news regarding a Netrexx implementation in VA Java yet?