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Andreas Zieritz-2


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Andreas, we are still working  on a new version of VA Java that will
(optionally) use netrexx as a scripting language.  Announcement should
be later this year.  Either the netrexx website or the VisualAge Java site will
have more details.

John A. Swainson
General Manager, Application & Integration Middleware
Software Solutions Division, IBM Corp., Somers, NY 10589
914.766.1680. Secretary Barbara DiAntonio x 1685
Please respond to Swainson@ibmus or Internet [hidden email]

Andreas Zieritz <[hidden email]> on 05/28/99 09:32:02 AM

To:   John Swainson/Somers/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:  Re: Visual Age Netrexx

[hidden email] wrote:
> Andreas, we are working on some proposals to use Netrexx as a scripting
> language within our VisualAge enviroment.  Stay tuned to the
> netrexx website for more info

Mr. Swainson, it's not in my interest to annoy you by writing e-mails to
you every week or so, but would it be possible to release some further
information about the progress of this product.

There are a lot of people out there on the net waiting for it...