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keyword Symbol expected error message

I think, in NetRexx version 4.0 some error messages migth be improved.

For instance:

     In a new clause, when there is no assignment, and a *Verb*  (or a
method reference) is expected,
the message should be *Verb expected* and not *Keyword symbol expected*


When a clause is NO Assignment/Declaration (in the properties section),
then the clause must start with what I call a *Verb* (or a method
reference, which is resolved ok,
by the way).

Also, I do see *no conflict* to the current NetRexx language definition
to support
*Leading Attributes* as in Java, but that *is another story* ;-=

No idea whether I do have supporters/neglectors/oppositors for this idea.

Anyway, we did have 39 degrees (Celsius) here in Vienna, Austria, today
and the past 2 weeks,
so maybe I got a burnout ;-)


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