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++ and += operators

>> For example:
>>    N+1
>> means 'add 1 to N'

In Classic and Object REXX, the expression N+1 would be evaluated and
 passed to the
environment.  To sustain this paradigm in NetRexx, it would have be a
 java.lang method or some other java package method, or the invoking
 environment (such as an editor).

My strong personal feeling is that having N+1 mean 'add 1 to N' in
 NetRexx is a radical departure from Rexx convention.

I would much prefer an explicit "use in expression and replace with
 result" operator such that N <<< +1  means 'add 1 to N'

Other candidates for N "use and replace" op expression meaning: N = N
 op expression

N >< +1 Hard to type
N`+1 Hard to see
N~+1 Object Rexx
{N}+1 Extra characters
N!+1 Conflicts with factorial

"Use in expression and replace with result"  could also be a prefix
 operator such as:

`N+1 Still hard to see
{N+1 If you use just one, how do you remember which one?

I prefer the prefix form because of readability.  The deciding factor
 between ^ and @, my two favorites may be keyboard availability.  Since
 @ is used in other language constructs, I believe it is more generally

Also this operator could be implemented in Classic and NetRexx, which
 would help in maintaining Rexx consistency.

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