Workaround for NetRexx plugin for newer Eclipse

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Workaround for NetRexx plugin for newer Eclipse

Jason Martin
On OpenIndiana, I am limited to Eclipse 4.6.3.

Solaris Eclipse builds were dropped with 4.7

With newer Eclipse versions, the plugin does not add a space
between filename and options when you change them.

Maybe because of a Eclipse API change.

Try update site:
Download and place in Eclipse plugin directory

Create your first NetRexx file.

Use each option from the NetRexx menu once.

Open Eclipse Run menu; then Run Configurations...

Right click on NetRexxCompile and Duplicate it.

Using the duplicate and in the Arguments tab.

Replace the string in Program Agruments with your arguments.

Use ${resource_loc} to replace filename and
it will work with all your nrx files.


${resource_loc} -replace -format -nocrossref -java -compile -keepasjava -sourcedir

You can now compile using Run>>Run Configuration...>> Your Duplicate

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