Windows 8.1 help, when possible, please:

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Windows 8.1 help, when possible, please:

Hi there,

*would I have NOT been Crazy all of my LifeTime* ...

... For SURE, Windows *incompatible updates* would make me crazy!

Just have, since 1 month, a new NoteBook from Medion (very satisfied, by
the way, I am),
and am currently trying to re-test and deliver my own Soft, Rexx2Nrx,
to the public.

Windows 8.1, however, does make me *more crazy* then I always have been ;-)

What is now the *standard* Editor (und DOS-Shell) of Windows 8.1 ?

used to simply type:

cmd>edit abc.txt

but get now (in german) somethins as (in english) command edit not found.

jEdit, at the minute, is also NO workaround for me, as it complains some
not jet decyphered Errors.

So, what the hell, is now the *NAME* of the *Standard Windows (8.1)* EDITOR
to be used from the former DOS Command Shell?

I do know, It's the wrong Forum to ask, but don't shoud&/shoout me ...

I'm only the PIANO PLAYER ;-) ;-) ;-)

Any advise shall be more than welcome!

Thanks in advance,

PS: As a  Thankyou, when those tiny problems are solved, I then
shall *deliver* both Rexx2Nrx as well as ReyC as a *donation* to the RexxLA
Foundation (sources, jars, and docs included) to


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