What *are* the still open issues to get NetRexx 3.06 GA running under Java 9

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What *are* the still open issues to get NetRexx 3.06 GA running under Java 9

Hi Rene, and *all*,

as You all do know, I'm not really a Java experts.

I'm, however, pleased to say that I do know *a lot of computer
languages* ...
... and also wrote my own *External-package* in NetRexx to resolve the
externals of a NetRexx Program (for my Rexx2Nrx-package) ...

Now, my question (as usual):

Can anybody describe me *what are the open issues* with NetRexx and Java 9 ?

I'm planning to invest some time into *NetRexx* the next Year, starting
at 1.1.2018.

Please do send a reply when You do know the still pending open issues,
and do have any idea which solution Kermit Kiser has been in mind !

Kindly, Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria.


PS: I'm currently still busy to help GB (Patrick) in resolving his
pending jdbc-problem he did report a while ago to this group, but am
I shall have free and available time during 2018 to focus on NetRexx
again ;-)

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