What Happened to Rexx2Nrx

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What Happened to Rexx2Nrx

Rob Schramm
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I was curious what ever happened to Rexx2Nrx?

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Re: What Happened to Rexx2Nrx

Hi there,

*frankly speaking*, my *ancient www.Rexx2Nrx.com* home-page has been *totally inadvertanty been*
erased by *my Provider*, www.nessus.at, some Year's ago ...

*I* am currently in *process* to UPLOAD *Rexx2Nrx6* to the Kenai NetRexx Repository.

*Rexx2Nrx6* is, however, the *last version* *written in classic IBM Compiled Rexx*.

For historical reason's, I had to use *IBM Compiled Rexx* in the past ...
... which does have *one major DRAW-Back ...

The /*%Include xxxxx.rexx */ statement is *not supported* by the *Interpreter-Versions*
of Rexx :-( :-( :-(

I cannot recall, for the minute, *why this imcompatibility* between *interpreted* and
*compiled* IBM NetRexx has been *introduced at all* ... Sorry, to say so ...
*Probably simply the LACK of Time*, to do it *right* the first case pending around ...

Anyway, *Rexx2Nrx6* boots-traps it-self from *IBM Compiled Rexx* to: NetRexx
since 2002, or so, when my limited memory does not cheat me ...

When I am ready with that, I shall let You know.

Thomas Schneider

Vienna, Austria, Europe, OurAllCommonEarth

Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria (Europe) :-)