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VisualNetRexx known problems page upadte

dIon Gillard/Multitask Consulting/AU
Thanks to all those providing feedback on VisualNetRexx!

The web page has been down for a while due to a silly typing mistake :),
and has had the Known Problems page updated.

I'm hoping for a new drop either later this week, or early next.

Features completed:
        * Support for other pluggable look and feels (Windows, Motif, Java Grey
and Default).
        * Only a single BuildResults window can be opened
        * Only a single class editor, on a particular class, can be opened
        * Support for changing font style, size and name in the editor
        * Support for changing the tab size
        * Application errors go to a separate file, rather than the screen.
        * and more....

Again thanks,

dIon Gillard
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