VisualNetRexx Alpha 2 Released

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VisualNetRexx Alpha 2 Released

dIon Gillard/Multitask Consulting/AU
Alpha 2 was uploaded to the VNR site today

New in this release are a revamped interface, better code editing, support for Swing 1.0, A package view of the project,
use of icons and toolbars, hotkeys, and the inclusion of a sample project to help with learning the ide.

Please note that this is still alpha, and nowhere near code complete, but it is useful. VNR is being developed using VNR.
Feedback determines what makes it into the next releases. Please help me make it useful for you.

VisualNetRexx is an Integrated Development Environment for IBM's NetRexx Language, which is a dialect of Rexx
compiling to Java bytecode. Thus Java applets, applications and servlets may be written, using the familiar and
human-oriented syntax of Rexx, in a graphically managed environment.

Included in the alpha release are an editor, interface to the NetRexx compiler and project, category and package tree
views for grouping of source code. Additional tools such as a Class Designer, GUI Layout tool, Debugger and Hierarchy
Browser are in the wings.

VisualNetRexx speeds the development of applications written for Java, in NetRexx, by providing a comfortable
framework and toolset for developers.

Alpha Release 2 uploaded today (1998-03-11). Please download the new file and follow the readme.txt for
installation instructions. The developer documentation has also been updated. Please email me if you're interested in

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