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Visual builder for database reports

Massimiliano Marsiglietti

I have been doing some beta rounds of MERGe, my latest puppy.

Basically this is a report generator, at this time it covers only
line-mode reports, but it's going to improve with age (like any
good wine, say Chianti).
It will be incorporated into MaxBase (at no extra cost), but it can
be used also to generate reports taking data from other DBMSs.

Why am I bothering you with this shameless plug then?

MERGe is basically composed by two parts: one is a GUI application,
with a wizard like interface (you know, fill in the values, turn
page, fill in the values etc until you press a "do it" button) that
then calls a report engine. The interesting stuff is this: the report
engine APIs are exposed to the programmer (it is a Java Bean,
actually), and MERGe, among the other things, can generate the code
to set up and call the reporting engine. One of the supported
languages is NetRexx (the other being  Java). The reporting engine
can, in addition to drawing into a Graphics object, spit out HTML

If anyone of you wants to play with it, do get it from:
It also includes javadoc-generated, MaxMars-edited documents
(not too many comments, but I still have to edit them seriously).

I plan to include MERGe into MaxBase 1.15 along with many other
changes; MB 1.15 is to be released in a week or two, so hurry up if
you have any comment. (Of course if you have any improvement for the
report engine in mind AFTER 1.15 is out, let me know and I'll
incorporate the changes into some later MB release).

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