Various OPEN ISSUES from my side (ThSITC)

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Various OPEN ISSUES from my side (ThSITC)

1.) Please get IAN STIRLING (if he still exists in hursley) or Yourself
to respond to the UNSUBSCRIBE issue
raised by Christine Ross. She obviously did subcribe NetRexx

Am not sure whether my GUESS was alright :-(

2.) What shall happen with my former contributions to RexxLA relating
NetRexx ?
       I.E.:  the former Rexx2Nrx run-time package ?

       Would You like to get a new version ?
       Which package name nowadays ?

3.) I did investigate a bit RxParser.nrx (from Sourceforge, I think) as
forwarded kindly somy time
     ago by a member of ibm-netrexx group ...

     The funny thing is it *has type* "nrx" but is no longer a yet
compilable NetRexx program,
as it has *html code* leading and trailing the NetRexx source ....

But as a drawback, '>' and '<' are replaced by the HTML equivalents in
the source ... :-(

Are there plans to make NetRexx a *super PHP*, or what ?

Kindly, Thomas.

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