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The MONTHLY Newsletter for IBM-NetRexx

Hello all,

I did decide to act as a (the) MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Editor, for IBM-NetRexx.

The reasons are manyfold, but mainly that never a MONTHLY NEWSLETTER
didn't exists.

Now it is there, by the way:

First of all, Rene Vincent Jansen is making to make a good progress to
release his final version of the PIPES for NetRexx.

As far as I do know, this current Version of PIPES for NetRexx do
implement all the features (sic!) CMS Pipes did have.

This is a great advantage, as, as such, NetRexx shall be more 90 % now
compatible to 'classic IBM Rexx', as it has been Years before.

This would mean, that every 'classic Rexx' written program using 'Pipes'
would now, nearly identically, can be run in the JVM environment.

This is a classic breakthru, I think, and shall be celebrated, both by
the authors and the implementors.

Thank You all for listening,

Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria.

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