SurfCompanion free Beta 0.99 is out!

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SurfCompanion free Beta 0.99 is out!

Hi NetRexxers,

I uploaded version 0.99 of the free, NetRexx written Internet-Tool SurfCompanion:

* proxy www-server, hosting
* web-agent, offline-reader
* search engine

Version 0.99 needs some more testing (I count on you).

New or changed:

   Applet Controller GUI with JDK 1.1
   integrated runtime NetRexx (applets and application)
   two sorts of Proxy Operation (early FTP-Proxy)
   Some more user customization
   many internal changes

   (see Changes.html in the Docs).

Download from ""  (be patient)
Direct download link is ""  (400kB)!

I am interested in your impressions and in (even more) feedback from this group.
I am not expecting detailed tests (only). Just give me your thoughts. Even a "don't like it" or
"my tool XXX is much better" is welcome.

all the best

Kai Schmidt

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