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SurfCompanion 0.98 is available

Hi NetRexxers,

I uploaded version 0.98 of the free, NetRexx written Internet-Tool SurfCompanion:

* www-server, hosting
* web-agent, offline-reader
* search engine

Version 0.98 is still not there yet but includes:

   reworked HTML-parsing
   Applet Controller GUI
   special Proxy Operation (the server and the agent)
   Online switch
   FTP Restart
   internal changes

   (see Changes.html in the Docs).

Download from ""  (be patient)
Direct download link is ""  (400kB)!
A faster FTP-site will be announced when available!

I am interested in your impressions and in (even more) feedback from this group.
Simple or short comments are also very welcome (even negative).

all the best

Kai Schmidt

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