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Jason Martin

RxModel.jar is in repository now

md5sum e1bf8d6b6f89b93052cbefafa83cdc61

Final for me unless show stopper

One soure file named RxModel.nrx with build instructions inside is also there

Try these:

copy all netrexx~netrexxc-repo/netrexxc/trunk/src/netrexx/lang/*.nrx
into some junk directory

cd to that dir

java -jar RxModel.jar -nocompile -nokeep -model2 all 21 files on one line

tail -n +1 *.mod > ~/allruntime.nrx

Open allruntime.nrx in your editor

copy all /netrexx~netrexxc-repo/netrexxc/trunk/src/org/netrexx/process/*.nrx
into another junk directory

cd to that dir

java -jar RxModel.jar -nocompile -nokeep -model2 RxType.nrx RxMethod.nrx rest of files

tail -n +1 *.mod > ~/allprocess.nrx

Open allprocess.nrx in your editor


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