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Hello Fernando Cassia, & all,

    I do STILL not understand: what is the fferecne between a *Community
*and* a BIG Company sales opportunity ?

    For reasons whatsoever, I've currently deployed  an offer to
impement Software AG's
NATURAL in PP (The program Porting Machine), and ADABAS in DB-123 (The
Migration Machine) to Hewlett Packard Austria.

    They seem to be willing to PAY 50 % of the devleopment costs. :-)

    I'm willing to accept the Job!

As, as a matter of fact, the source code of ReyC and PP are mutually
inter-raleted with
DB-123, an older product of mine, I'm, at the current minute, *very
reluctant* to release
all of my source *OPEN SOURCE* there at Kenai, without having the proper
copy-rights established! I'M so sorry :-(

     When you (as *the group* of interest), could give me advise, at
all, how to proceed:

*You* will be more than welcome.

Meanwhile, I'll make my JOB and try to complete what I did start at
ago ;-)


Thomas Schneider (
Ibm-netrexx mailing list
[hidden email]

Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria (Europe) :-)