Rey Parser integration to NetBeans.

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Rey Parser integration to NetBeans.

Hey friends,

I did now subscribe *NBDEV* ( the NetBeans Development group) since a
year,and also *PLATFORM-DEV* since a couple of days....

What my Rey Parser actually does is parsing *any* Rexx Code (classic Rexx,
NetRexx, and ooRexx as well) at once.

Still some open issues, I must admit.

To be very open (sourced).

*All Rexx related stuff will be open source* (any dialect)

Products coming along are:

ReyForm:  a Rexx Formatter (any dialect)
ReyC      : the Rey Compiler
     (IBM Rexx Compiler compatible)

etc, etc.

Currently, I'm having a *bottleneck* running all my test-cases, *and*
to UPGRADE the documentation to the state of the art.

Hence, my question:

Any volunteers to help with the tests and the documentation??? :-)

Thomas Schneider,
from Dark Vienna, Austria, Europe.

Thomas Schneider Projects PP, ReyC, and LOGOS on
Ibm-netrexx mailing list
[hidden email]

Tom. (