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Rexx2Nrx releases SIX and SEVEN

Hi there, MR President, RexxLA:

as already indicated, I do need *urgently* Your advise WHERETO Rexx2Nrx vs. 6 and 7 have to be released:

Rexx2Nrx vs. 6 is still written in PURE, IBM Rexx Compiler compatible *Classic Rexx*.

It does and did use a LOT of so called INCLUDED Files, for some, not yet recently decyphered reason,
those have to be notated as *COMMENTS* in the IBM Rexx Compiler, namely:

/*INCLUDE StrFuncs.rex */ /* inlcude the STRING Functions */

This (annoying) *FEATURE* did prohibit IBM Compiled Rexx Programs to be *runnable* in the interpreter Vesions
for more than a DECENNIUM now ... :-(

Also, as shown of many of my *fights* here, and, at RexxLA, as well, to have a *LANGUAGE*,
and *not A FAMILY of LANGUGAGES*, show ...

The Rexx Family of Languages is DIS-GROWING, day by Day, month by month, Year by Year.

In 1000 Years, WeAll shall speak most probably of the:

Babylon of Rexx Languages

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