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Rexx Symposium preliminary program

Chip Davis-2
Fellow NetRexxers,

This year's Rexx Symposium will feature several NetRexx
presentations, not the least of which will be Mike's keynote.
There will be people coming from all over the world to
participate, and it should be a lot of fun, as well as

For those of you who might not have gotten the word, I'm
enclosing the latest announcement which contains a partial
list of speakers and topics.  It can also be found on the
RexxLA webpage ( if you don't want to look
at it now.  Stop by and register while you can still get
the low, early-bird rate of $185 for the full Symposium.


-Chip Davis-


Plan now to attend The 9th International Rexx Symposium for Developers and
Users being held at the Double Tree Guest Suites, 2515 Meridian Parkway,
Durham, North Carolina 27713 on 11-13 May, 1998.

The Symposium provides a focal point for information about the Rexx family
of languages which include Classic Rexx, Object Rexx (a powerful
object-oriented programming language), and NetRexx (a Java development
language). It is the premier venue for technical interchange among members
of the Rexx community.

The technical program will feature presentations by acknowledged experts in
the Rexx community on a broad range of topics. Vendors will highlight new
and enhanced product offerings and offer technical assistance. The program
will span the full range of platforms on which Rexx languages are
implemented, including Windows 95/NT, Unix and Linux, as well as all IBM
operating systems.
Speakers include:
Mike Cowlishaw, the Author of Rexx and NetRexx, will briefly introduce
NetRexx, then cover the new features of NetRexx 1.1 and later releases
along with up-to-date news of NetRexx plans.  

Kurt Maerker and Ingo Holder, Representatives of the IBM Rexx
Development team, will speak on:
                Handling security problems
                Development of client/server applications
                Generating HTML pages
                Producing graphical user interfaces
                The Rexx Socket API

Pam Taylor, in her presentation, Old Dogs, New Trixx, will explore easing
the transition from the traditional procedural model to object-oriented
programming in general and to the Java object model in particular.

John Urbaniak, Ph.D., Aviar, Inc., one of the authors of Object Rexx by
Example,  will speak on application development and how to make your Rexx
application speech-aware.

John Blumel, Tulane University Medical Center, will talk about ORexx/SQL
framework, an external Rexx function library written by Mark Hessling, who
will also be attending. This framework provides access to SQL databases
through a consistent interface across both platforms and databases.

Les Koehler, IBM,  will address how to use Rexx to solve your Year 2000
problems and talk about "VMServe, Two Years Later".

David Both, Millenium Technology, will share his experiences in interfacing
to the LAN Server Rexx API.

Brian Marks, Ph.D., will fill us in on the latest developments on Compact
Rexx reporting on this new experimental project to make a smaller, faster
Rexx to show how super-small, super-fast Rexx implementations can be

Chip Davis, Aresti Systems, will show us how to "Javafy our Classic Rexx
using NetRexx".

These are just some of the speakers lined up for this year's symposium. It
will  be time well spent for anyone interested in the Rexx family of

Register before April 20th and the full conference is only $185.00.

For more information and to download an registration form, visit the RexxLA
website at .  To download a Symposium Registration form,
click on "Rexx Symposium Registration" and print it out.

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