Request: MAKE functionality for NetRexx

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Request: MAKE functionality for NetRexx

Hi all,

(Mike) would it be possible to integrate Makefile functionality into the NetRexx compiler.

Recent versions of NetRexx can compile multiple files at once and are able to resolv
This way is also much faster.

I have a (simplified) project with 'top.nrx' containing two classes 'in1.nrx' and 'in2.nrx'. I
could compile one at a
time knowing the dependencies.

nrc in1   # creates in1.class
nrc in2 # creates in2.class
nrc top  #  creates top.class since classes in1 and in2 are already compiled by hand


nrc top in1 in2 # order does not matter NetRexx is clever :=)
this also creates top.class. This is very usefull in larger projects where dependencies
are more complex.

Now the request:
It would be great, when nrc would check if a classfile (i.e. in1.class) is already compiled
and if it is OLDER
than its source (in1.nrx). So nrc would only compile when it is necessary (the source file
changed, so the
class file has to be recompiled). Again: only translate/compile if class file is not there or
not up to date.

Let's say you have another program (dummy.nrx) together with the above project and
you compile all
together (nrc dummy top in1 in2). dummy.nrx is not related with top or inX in any way!
If dummy has an error, or just misspelled NetRexx (1.121) does not produce the
possible class top.class!
Would'nt it be easier to compile what is possible, fix the error and recompile again
(ignoring the already
successfully compiled classes)?

All the best


P.S. I am in the process of releasing a larger NetRexx project (a SurfCompanion for
HTTP, FTP and NNTP; will tell you when it is available)
where this would simplify a lot.

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