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Re: [platform-dev] - - status? hosting of nb platform projects?

Hi Oliver,
    I'm using KENAI for the open saource release of my products PP,
ReyC, and LOGOS (very soon).

   My (personal) open issues are *the proper DOUBLE licence* I would
like to have, as ReyC and PP (see the proper KENAI projects) will be
free for Rexx, ooRexx, and NetRexx, *but* commercial products for PL/I,

   Despite this (one) open issue I do find a very
confident and sure place for my projects. Very well organized,
especially for any Java based open source project!

   As I'm meeting the representatives of Oracle Germany next week in
Munich, I do hope to get the proper hints for the (my) proper DOUBLE
Licence info very soon...

   Hope this will help you with YOUR proper decisions.

   Greetings from Vienna, Austria, Europe,

Thomas Schneider.

Am 12.03.2011 23:24, schrieb Oliver Rettig:

> Hi,
> is migrating to the kenai infrastructure as used in  I am
> interested if can be a free and sure place of my open source netbeans
> platform projects for the next years? And if there are plans to offer this
> infrastructure for commercial netbeans platform projects?
> Maybe this mailing list is not the correct place for this questions but I
> think because of the great integration of the kenai-infrastructure into
> Netbeans also otheres are interested in this question and also somebody
> reading this list can answer my question.
> best regards
> Oliver

Thomas Schneider (
Ibm-netrexx mailing list
[hidden email]

Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria (Europe) :-)