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Hello Jaroslav,

*and all++

I'm closing to close these Projets, very soon ...

Thomas Schneider

See you at the upcoming REXXLA meeting ther in Almere :-)
Am 19.11.2010 07:32, schrieb Jaroslav Tulach:

> Dne pátek 12 listopadu 2010 18:43:33 Michael Nascimento napsal(a):
>> I personally liked his @Inject @Current Project example. It might be
>> useful for things like that (yeah, Logger is useless).
> We can probably inject Project into constructor of Actions that deal with
> projects, as we do for
> awt/org/openide/awt/Actions.html#context(java.lang.Class, boolean, boolean,
> org.openide.util.ContextAwareAction, java.lang.String, java.lang.String,
> java.lang.String, boolean)
> but where else we could inject it!?
> -jt
>> On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 5:24 AM, Jaroslav Tulach
>> <[hidden email]>  wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Hantsy reported me
>>> and wants me to find a way to use the @Inject and @Resource annotations
>>> in NetBeans Platform.
>>> I have to admit I was thinking about JSR330 too, but the code samples as
>>> shown at
>>> and in other presentation referenced from the bug are not really
>>> convincing.
>>> I really don't understand what is so cool on Logger field being injected.
>>> Sane people call Logger.getLogger themselves. Injecting context (aka
>>> Lookup) is fine and we do it for @ActionRegistration, but I don't
>>> understand where else this could be useful.
>>> Can I close
>>> as won'tfix then?
>>> -jt

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