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synature "Brandon"
Thanks Michael, but I'm still confused.  I've extended HTTPServlet, have no
init() method and have tried both doGet and Service with identical code
inside and get the same results.  Part of my problem is not quite knowing
where to find out what HTTP GET and POST are supposed to do -- it appears to
me they are functionaly identical to service in this context, all three work
with a Request and a Response.  The Jrun docs throws out this strange word,
idempotent.  What does that mean?


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Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 9:39 AM
Subject: RE: doGet, service, etc

>If you extend HTTPServlet, you write the init(), doGet(), and doPost()
>to handle gets and posts. You don't touch service. OTOH you can extend
>Servlet and override service(), but I have never had occasion to do that.
>Michael R. Lauer
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> Subject: doGet, service, etc
> In the manual it says it is going to explain when to use
>doGet as opposed to
> service, but I couldn't find a discussion on this.  Have I
>missed it?
> Brandon C. Smith
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