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Ross Patterson
"Syarzhuk Kazachehnka" <[hidden email]> writes:

>In Delphi, which is my primary language, there is a compiler switch. If
>you say {$B+} that means you want all boolean expressions to evaluate
>completely. If you say {$B-}, that means you want to "short-circuit"
>them: F and X always equals to F, T or X always equals to T whatever X
>is, therefore, in {$B-} state the compiler would not evaluate X at all.
>Could that be implemented in NetRexx?

One could imagine a new "Options C-LikeExpressionEvaluation", but I'd
recommend strongly against it.  NetRexx benefits heavily from being easy
to read, and having an easy-to-miss option (or even worse, a compiler
option) that radically changes the meaning of a program is a Bad Thing.
I'm concerned enough about the mathematical impacts of "Options Binary",
and the general effects of "Options StrictCase", I don't need another
headache to worry about!

Ross Patterson
Sterling Software, Inc.
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