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Please *Do have a look* at ....

... as well as on   (this is the Rexx Language associaton)

Also, *download from* at *symposiums* a presentation called *NetRexx Server Pages*.

I do have a need for getting a *new home-page*, namely ...

... written as *NetRexx Server Pages* ....

Contact me again whether this shall be interesting for Your company ...

Kind regards, from Vienna, Austria, Europe, *OurAllCommonEarth*

Thomas Schneider.


Am 04.06.2016 um 21:00 schrieb Kuldeep Singh:
Hope you are doing well!
I would like to introduce myself Kuldeep Singh, My purpose of getting in touch with you is to find an opportunity to working with your organization for your all outsourcing projects .
I believe that we could be your technical business partner for long term of your outsources work Website Re-design & development,  IOS/IPAD Mobile apps, and monthly marketing packages for increasing sales of your customers website or apps, at very reliable cost .
 Please have a look our core expertise area for various Services:
Ø  Web Design and Development  
 -Website Re-design + development
- Enterprise Web Applications 
- informational website or any type of other services web development
- CMS and e-Commerce Solutions 
Ø   Mobile Apps Development:
- iPhone/iPad Apps
-Andriod Apps
- BlackBerry Apps
- Symbian Programming 
- Windows Mobile Development
Ø   SEO/SEM marketing packages:
-Digital marketing for your websites and mobile apps
-Monthly SEO packages (Optimization /marketing)
Ø Game Development
-Game design and development
-Game design (sounds/ QA tester)
-Problem solving for existing game
-Troubleshooting ability for any type of game
  We have served 500+ clients all across the globe. you could outsource us any kind of IT related development .
 Looking forward for working together!
Regards and Thanks
Kuldeep Singh
Athos Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Skype id: kuldeep.singh802
Email: [hidden email]
Phone: +91-958-250-3140

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