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Chip Davis-2
I apologize; I didn't mean to be obscure.  I thought RAF was one of the
recognized acronyms in the Rexx community like TRL (_The_Rexx_Language_,
Mike's book) and ORX (Object Rexx).  The more I think about it however, I
recall that its usage was limited to pretty much one venue: the Rexx ANSI
Standard committee meetings.  Whenever we were discussing alternative
syntax, inevitably (and properly) someone would bring up the "Rexx
Astonishment Factor".  Mike seems to think RAF is an oxymoron, insofar as
Rexx was designed to minimize any AF, and I'm inclined to agree, but I'm
pretty sure I'm not the source of that neologism (though perhaps one of
the few to remember it).

Sorry for the distraction.  I now return you to the debate over whether we
should sully a beautiful syntax with cryptic operators from lesser
languages...     :-))

..who was astonished to find that "i=i+1", while algebraically
impossible, was legal in FORTRAN-I ...

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