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Chad Slaughter

Just thought I'd add my two cents to the whole mess.
My suggestion is to leave the language as it is.
I should point out; that I like C and use it all the time.
I also dislike the Java language, which is why I use NetRexx
and get very upset at the thought of it becoming more like it.

Adding ++, etc is too much complication and confusion to
add to a nice language like NetRexx.

As for the proposed syntax: var + 1  equating to var = var + 1
I think this is a VERY bad idea.  I look at it and have to ask
myself what is really going on here?  Which is question I
don't find myself asking when using NetRexx/Rexx.
This syntax is not obvious nor intuitive.
(To me it looks like an addition operation where the result is
discarded. )

I also don't like this add another keyword
(ie itself,etc) thats not very intuitive either.

And as for the long variable name that this "additions"
are attempting to solve; I would like to say that NetRexx has
a line continuation character for a reason.  =)

Two cents.


Chad Slaughter  -- [hidden email]
<PGP public key available upon request>
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