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Martin Lafaix

> From: "Mike Cowlishaw" <[hidden email]>
> Anyone care to suggest what modifications to the specifications
> (search order for terms) are required?

I would suggest adding the search of an inner class after the
search for properties and methods.  This way the meaning of
existing code does not change.

(A problem remains in that it's possible in Java to define an
 inner class with the same name as a property or method.  Such an
 inner class would be hidden by the property when used as a type
 and by the method when used as a constructor if they both share a
 common argument list.)


Section 5 (Terms)/Stub evaluation:

 4th point, adding a #2.5 subentry:

 2.5 An inner class whose name matches the symbol in the current
     class.  If the stub is part of a compound symbol, then it may
     also be in a superclass, searching upwards from the current

 4th point, updating the #3 subentry:

 3.  A static or constant property, a static method or a static
     inner class whose name ... for a matching property, method or
     inner class ...

Section 5 (Terms)/Continuation evaluation:

 1st point, maybe allowing inner class constructor?

 3rd point, updating the entry:

 o   If the segment is a symbol, then it refers to either a
     property, a method or an inner class ...

     <similar changes in the second paragraph>

Section 6 (Methods and constructors)

 1st point, either updating the #4 subentry or adding a #5.

Section 6 (Methods and constructors)/Constructor methods

 updating the text to recognize inner classes.

I hope I didn't overlooked too many changes.  Comments?

[hidden email]
Team OS/2

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