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Mike Cowlishaw-3
> 1. Why did the until clause comparison fail with an indexed variable?

  Assigning null to an indexed variable drops that subvalue (like DROP
  in classic Rexx) -- see note 4 on page 71 of 'The NetRexx Language'
  (Section 11 of the Language Definition).  Hence a reference to that
  item returns the default for the indexed variable.

> 2. Why must I initialize an until clause variable that is assigned in
     the body of the loop?

  Variables in NetRexx get their type from first use, statically
  determined (from the top of the method down, for local variables).
  Hence when placed in that UNTIL clause it has no known type, because
  there has been no assignment to it above that point, so it cannot be
  used for comparison.

  This helps protect you against mis-typed variable names.

Mike Cowlishaw
IBM Fellow, IBM UK Laboratories
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