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Pull problem for newbie


      Fra:           HW       DKEGH400  Henrik Wahlberg

      Dato:          30. september 1997, kl. 08:51:09

      Emne:          Pull problem for newbie

        I vas just experimenting a little with netrexx, geting aquainted.
        This little test:
             /* A simple input test */
             Pull i
             Say "You input:"I
             Say "Input squared:"J
             Say "Input Quad:"J
        But the netrexx compiler was'nt fond of PULL. Came with some eror
        code which I dont remember right now. (Run's on my home system).
        How should I put it to get it through the compiler?

        Regards Henrik Wahlberg, EDB Gruppen A/S, [hidden email]
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