PP The program porting machine -- my presentaion at the REXXLA meeting

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PP The program porting machine -- my presentaion at the REXXLA meeting

PP: The program porting machine (short abstract)

PP has been designed to enable it's users to stepwise TRANSFORM a given application from a given source-language to a desired target-language. It# has also been designed to do this in a BOTTOM-UP process, processing the INCLUDED Files of an application first (called COPY books in COBOL),
and use and reference the generated classes and methods in the main modulesof the application. the algorithms to do so are a generalization of Rexx2Nrx, the classic Rexx to NetRexx Converter, including a semantic analysis of a set of programs. PP currently does support COBOL, PL/I, classic (compiled) Rexx, Object Rexx, and NetRexx as the source language. The target-language currently is NetRexx.

 Details may be found at www.thsitc.com.

Speaker: Thomas Schneider

Thomas Schneider is the founder of ThSITC (Thomas Schneider, IT Consulting). ThSITC comprises a Network of highly specialized IT-Professionals, working together on a project basis, both for Software development, the Internet Presence of the company, providing Project Leader experiences, and programmers and/or testers when needed. Thomas Schneider is also the author of Rexx2Nrx, ReyC (the Rey Compiler), PP (the
program Porting machine, and DB-123 (the Database migration tool-set).

You may reach Thomas Schneider at [hidden email] or via SKYPE at

Thomas Schneider Projects PP, ReyC, and LOGOS on www.KENAI.com www.thsitc.com

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