Out-of-storage error gone with o114-19971121

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Out-of-storage error gone with o114-19971121

Hi NetRexxers,

my storage compile problem appeared using JDK o114-1997114.

With (latest?) JDK o114-19971121 I can compile using "nrc long_NRX_list".

I have 2 identical (FP and stuff) OS/2 PCs. One runs (latest?) JDK 114 without
any problem. The other (faster) one fails with sys2070 (javaw.dll problem)
whenever I try to do graphics. This is not a JIT problem!

>Try increasing the maximum storage that java can use, using the -mx
>flag on the java command (in NetRexxC.cmd, for example), perhaps:

>  'java -ms4M -mx32M' javaopts 'COM.ibm.netrexx.process.NetRexxC' arg


Kai Schmidt

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