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John Black
I've been using Macek's FTE Editor for the last 2-3 years to edit all of
my REXX files in OS/2.  I've recently had to shift gears to Micro$oft
products (kicking and screaming) and will be moving to NetREXX in '98.
Fortunately Macek's FTE Editor handles NetREXX source nicely.  It works
well with Ztree Bold in OS/2 and windows.  Best of all, it's FREE.

You can download OS/2, Linux, Windows and DOS versions of FTE at:

Also, check out the article on FTE at:

The first time you run FTE you have to run the program cfte.exe which
builds fte-new.cnf in the root directory.  You have to rename
fte-new.cnf to fte.cnf afterwards.  This allows you to modify the
NETREXX syntax (or the syntax of over a dozen other languages) if you
want to.

Many thanks to Marko Macek for a well written, well documented program!

It's people like Marko Macek and Mike Colishaw who keep me productive in
the ever-changing, planned-obsolescence, market-driven world of computer
software ;-)

John Black
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