NetRexxx 3.04 is great

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NetRexxx 3.04 is great

Sorry when You got too many messages from Vienna today.

The new NetRexx 3.04 RC2 release is really *great*, and I want to say a
big thank You to Kermit & Rene..

The good news are:

1.) Netrexx does use the Eclipse Java Compiler (-ecj) when the Javac
compiler from tools.jar or the JDK is not available.
2.) NetRexx does now read the proper .jar files in advance to the
compilation, which obviously does
resolve a lot of ambiguity problems inherent in former versions.
3.) By maintaining the generated source in core, unless option -keep or
-keepasjava is in effect, the
translation and compile times are drastically reduced, as less file have
to be written&read.

I am currently undertaking a benchmark test and shall publish the
results next week.

again, my congratulations to the development team for it's excellent work.
Thomas Schneider.

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