NetRexxC compiler handling of the file extension

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NetRexxC compiler handling of the file extension

Hello there,
    Some editors (as JEdit, for example) do use the '~'-sign, appended
to the given filename, to store it's internal backups.

    I did now find, by instance, that when if trying to compile a set of

     nrc *.nrx

that those backup files are compiled as well.

This, of couse, yields to error messages, as some classes are then
compiled twice, i.e BOTH

*and*   Metrics.nrx~

are compiled.

Interestingly, compiling

   nrc Metrics.nrx

does NOT also compile Metrics.nrx~

Thus, the filetype is handled in two diffenent ways around when single
files or a mask is used. :-(

Rene, please enter a bug report.

Thomas Schneider.

PS: Rene, *this problem* is *NOT* the other one I did report some time
ago privately, as far as I can remember....

Thomas Schneider Projects PP, ReyC, and LOGOS on
Ibm-netrexx mailing list
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Tom. (