NetRexx major open issues -- in sequence of importance (for me)

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NetRexx major open issues -- in sequence of importance (for me)

Here is the open issue list:

1.) Trailing spurious '*/' not recognized in program header (.i.E.
before first NetRexx statement)
2.) Spurious WRONG Java Code generated after successful NetRexx Translation.
      i.E. the JavaC bombs, after NetRexx did say: successful compilation.
3.) NetRexx should *please* compile the successful compilations !
      I did have already, privately, and on this group, a *long*
discussion with Mike about that.
      I *do think*, successful programs SHOULD be *compiled*, *please* !!
     Any other behaviour is more than frustrating!
4.) The reasons, where JavaC may fail, although NetRexxC *is*
successful, should be documented.
     I've NOT yet found the actual reason for this behaviour.
5.) The TUTORIAL's should be placed to a central PLACE (
??) as soon as possible.
    Otherwise I will simply copy them to my own home-page for reference.
6.) There should be (possibly by Rene Vincent Jansen) some communication
    -- which authors of which pieces of NetRexx utilities/libraries are
still SUPPORTING their products
    -- which are DEAD products

For example, is nrjpipes (The NetRexx Pipe implementation) still alive,
or Not ?
etc, etc, etc.

We DO need to have a full blown, actually CURRENT, List of all tools
ASAP, including
Kermits NetRexxScript, and David's NetRexxDE, etc available, instantly,
please :-)

 From my shop:

    I did decide to rename my Run-Time Package routines from Rexxyyyyy
to Reyxxxxx, (where
yyyyy is xxxxx). The major reason was, to be able to avoid any upcoming
between further NetRexx developments and my own.

    I currently in process to test ReyC for classic Rexx Code (inluding
my own) extensively,
and also the Scanner and Parser for classic Rexx, NetRexx, and ooRexx.

    Detto, Code generation for classic rexx.

Marc Irvin, and some other friends, did provide enough test-cases for
the minute.

When I'm thru with Marc's examples, I will release ReyC 1.0.0.

But only after I did manage it to update  
with the accurate
readme file and docs, etc.

Also, ReyC will REQUIRE a REGISTRATION as a user. There is NO intent to BILL
for ReyC usage of Rexx (any dialect)

Long message, I'm so sorry...

Full stop.

Thomas Schneider (
Ibm-netrexx mailing list
[hidden email]

Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria (Europe) :-)