NetRexx commits to reduce Global Warming on Earth Day!!!

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NetRexx commits to reduce Global Warming on Earth Day!!!

Jason Martin
"He Ain't Hovey, He's My Brother" Edition

Get it from here: [NOTE: may be unavailable due to planned maintenance.]

md5sum 375fb41ad6f9ba1f7ad100a613b36f57  Earth3RDayC.jar

Earth3RDayC.jar is NetRexxC.jar build from 304 of its own -model files from latest svn checkout rev 604

Because Earth3RDayC.jar works at the clause level,
   there is one known glitch and a few indentation errors from last minute changes:

I had to manually add a space between -- in DiagExpression.nrx line 60 and DiagExpressionUnit.nrx line 61

Normal NetRexxC works these joins out in a later stage.

From -help

Any NetRexx options may also be added; these are:
  -model[n]      -- model input file [0-3] none, compact, standard, tree

Try: [File must already Compile]

java -jar Earth3RDayC.jar -model1 SomeBigLargeClutteredFile.nrx

   You get clean, formated, indented and I can read it mod file. 

java -jar Earth3RDayC.jar -model2 KeepMyCommentsFile.nrx

   You get a [Work in Progress] but good mod file.

java -jar Earth3RDayC.jar -model3 MatchMyControlBlocksFile.nrx

   If your program has Control Blocks, You get a Real Brace matching forward and backwards mod file.
   Missing package, class and method for now.
   This is not used internally for indentation at the moment. Turns out NetRexx does a fine job on its own.
   Yep! Bracket Matching, Code Folding and etc...
   Hey! Programmer clean up that Do..Do..

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