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Mike's bad year

Chip Davis-2
** Reply to note from "Mike Cowlishaw" <[hidden email]> Thu, 8 Jan 98 20:36:26 GMT
>   Performance improvement (compiling netrexx.lang.Rexx): 2.7x faster
>   Reported bugs/month over last 12 months:  0.75.
>   New/rewritten lines of code:  11,200.
>   Releases/refreshes:  16.
>   Outstanding defects/bugs/problems:  0.
> I'll try and do better in 1998 -- 9 bugs is too many; not my best year.
> Apologies.)

ROFL!  (I love that dry British humour!)

What I really want to know is:
  For what project of such significance did you write as many lines
of code, in as short a period of time, with _fewer_ bugs?

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