May I, Rene. add some new VERBS to NetRexxC ?

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May I, Rene. add some new VERBS to NetRexxC ?

Hello Rene:

I did yesterday make a first PAUSE in trying to release my Rexx2RTP to
the public. Sometimes I do NEED a Pause.

As You might have seen from my Compiler Listings, I did already some 4GL
(Fourth generation Langues) concepts in my Rexx2RTP.

These are mainly:

PRINT salary, MIN Salary, AVG Salary, etc BY DEPARTMENT ...

TITLE title line






END-- Title

Where each title line might be:

LEFT 'this is the left part' CENTER 'this is the centered part RIGHT
'this is the right part'

Currently, I'm using my own Rexx2NRX as a prepocessor parsing those
verbs and generating the proper NetRexx Code!

Now, that I do have the NetRexx Source-Code on my Computer some 2 weeks,
I think ...

May I use this current NetRexx Code to try to implement those NEW Verbs?

I am sending this mail to ibm-netrexx as well, as I would like to know
the general thoughts, as well.

I am in quite good progress to LEARN GIT now, and THINK I would be able
to RELEASE my Rexx2RTP with an Initial RELEASE to source-Forge the next

I shall. however, release all of my stuff to Project 'ThSITC' on
sourceforge, so that nobody else would have to worry, for this minute.


Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria.

Stay healthy all, Thomas.

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