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Loops and misc. suggestion

Mike Cowlishaw-2
My 'natural inclination' is to resist adding features that don't add
new function, so initial reaction to your suggestions is as follows:

1. Over loops

   This really doesn't seem to buy much -- I like the idiom:

     loop i=0 for anArray.length

   which is clear and simple, and avoids the messy '-1'.

   I'm also uncomfortable at adding more support for specific Java
   classes (i.e., Vector), as this seems a bit of a 'slippery slope'.

2. In loops

   This does add new function -- but again is getting very Java-
   specific.  Will add to WishList.

3. Delegation

   Here the 'ideally would inherit from...' comment raises a "red
   flag", for me .. suggests that the addition is a hack/workaround
   for a more fundamental problem, and that really we need to go and
   see what that is, rather than patch over it.  What do other people

I'm having to have a proposal for Inner class support out later this
weekend; this might affect the delegation proposal, too.

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