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Java and where it is going....

Actually, from the classes I have attended using current code (not API's)
is what makes Java great.  I am talking about mainframes here....IBM
is making Java be the "Visual Basic" of the mainframe.  That is why the
company I work for is taking it very serious.  Java can be wrapped around
many applications from SAP to Cobol to Rexx; or programmed natively right
from a mainframe os -- go to  VSE, VM, and MVS are
now all Java enabled with the OS390 release at the end of March.  There
is also a direct TCP/IP link to the OS/390.   VSE is really being pushed
along with MVS.

As a former Visual Basic programmer, I do most of my Java learning and
coding for a PC with J++ -- and I love it.  Microsoft (in my opinion) has
done a good job with J++ (with the exception that they want to have there
own standard).   In addition, I am taking a class on Java and our
instructor showed us a January article from an I.T. journal that rated
the speed of the various Just In Time compilers -- Microsoft NT had the
fastest Just in Time compiler on the list (I do not remember which
article it was).

As far as API's on a PC there are problems.  But, I do believe the
major platform for Java in the future is IBM mainframes.....think of
it as "Visual Basic" for the mainframe.

Bradley K. Simonin
(a Rexx and Java fan)

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