It is the time to start working for JDK1.2

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It is the time to start working for JDK1.2

Tadashi Ohmura
JDK1.2 for OS/2 is required as soon as posible,
the same date if possible.

  There are several reasons why we expect the early release of JDK1.2
for OS/2.

(1)  Commitment by PSP

 Mr. John Soyring who is the vice president of PSP  said the following :
> The new division will work on transforming OS/2
> into a network computing operating system,
> which will offer Java support and connectivity,
> OS/2 will evolve to be an operating system optimized to run Java.
>   IBM also is continuing to optimize OS/2
> for Java applications on the client and server,

(2)   IBM's Big Java project for OS/2 and Java

 IBM takes a big project which is 1.8 billion US dollars  
at Banco do Brazil( the largest retail bank in Latain America ).
In this project, OS/2 and Java are widely used.

(3)  Sun's announcement

according to "" :
The final version of the next release of the JDK software will ship
through the Java Porting and Tuning Center on key platforms and tools in
the second quarter of 1998.

(4)  IBM Japan already starts for JDK1.2

According to  Internet Watch Japan on 2 Dec 1997 :
"IBM Japan starts working for JDK1.2"

IBM Japan has already dispatched engineers(the number is not mentioned)
to Sun Micro Sytems to help developping JDK1.2
in the field of JDK's Internationalization and InputMethodFramework.


     Tadashi Ohmura ( 大村 忠史 )
                      E-mail : [hidden email]
  5-3-4 kaijin  Funabashi City  Chiba Pref.  273 JAPAN
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