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Ibm-NetRexx vs. Scala

Hi GentleWoMan and GentleMan,

... as I have been always a so called *EntrePreNeur*, I did atten on
Tue, 28th Oct, from 19:00 - 21:00 o'clock
here in Vienna *at the so called*




30 attendees
all of them: Dynamic, any age.
Scala Enthusiasts.

Now, as I am as I am, I did *propose* to held End of November 2014 a 20
minutes talk:

Scala vs. NetRexx -- a Language Features Comparison

Now, as I shall stay, as I am, but: always changing, adopting, my minds,
and full of (most probably too many)
idease as weel as actions:

My question:

Does anybody in this, the ibm-netrexx, group already *look at* or even
*explore* SCALA?

Rick, and all:

Sorry friends, that I'm asking here ;-)
Thomas Schneider.

ThSITC - The Simple IT keeps Changing

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