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IBM-Netrexx *at* IBM-BlueMix

Hi Rene, and/or all:

I *think* it shall be essential to get IBM-Netrexx *installed* on IBM

As already mentioned, I could take over this starting after ther
scheduled BlueMix Maintenance later this month,
when the RexxLA ARB board does decide that this *might help* to broaden
the Popularity of NetRexx.

Please discuss this *idea* on the next scheduled ARB board discussion
and let me know Your thoughts and decision
on this topic.

I think we shall *start* this action early 2016 .... :-)
Thomas Schneider.

PS: This would also mean that we would have to move NetRexx development
and maintanance to GitHub as well,
but I am not *sure* about this my latest point regarding this issue.

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